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Blue Valley Golf & Country Club was one of the first golf clubs to have GTSA installed in 2009. The initial instalation was hassle free & the system worked well straight away.

It took a few months to get the word out to golfers that this facility was now available to them & they could now book their golf at their leisure.

At the beginning we processed a small number of golf bookings per month but this has grown to over 800 per month currently, thus bringing us added value to Blue Valley.

We are satisfied that the system works well & will continue to utilise it for the foreseeable future.

Yours very sincerely

Pat Lowth
General Manager

Currently GolfTimeSA process an average of 900 online bookings per month for our club - via the GolfTimeSA, PlayMoreGolf and Lastminutegolf websites.

Most of our members use GolfTimeSA booking portal due to the fact that it is the most convenient, reliable and user friendly booking system that saves them a lot of time and effort.

I want to personally commend and thank Elenè Roos, our GolfTimeSA field technician + your support team for the professional and efficient manner in which they deal with our queries on a day to day basis.

Ebotse Links thank GTSA for their continous 5-star service delivery and for maintaining a world class online booking facility enjoyed by our members and visiting golfers.

Your sincerely,

Peet de Wet

CEO - Ebotse links

Jackal Creek Golf Club has found GolfTimeSA to be incredibly beneficial to our Club, the level of service received from Elene and the GolfTimeSA team is impeccable.  Any queries from our side are responded to immediately and the ease of booking for golfers is what makes this system such a success. 

The majority of our rounds are booked online through GolfTimeSA.


Jackal Creek Golf Club

Boundary Road  |  Honeydew  |  Johannesburg  |  2040
Tel: +27 11 251 6722

In 2008 Umhlali CC was already hosting 38, 000 golf rounds consisting of a 7 day day week regular member rounds, corporate, visitors, holiday makers and touring groups. Due to growing membership and ever increasing golf rounds, the manual time sheets in place at the time, were becoming a major challenge to manage as errors were inevitable and in essence effecting business negatively.

Still in its infant shoes PlayMoreGolf was a partner at the time, and increasing with popularity as the PMG number of rounds continue to grow from month to month. It was a no brainer decision to accept when PMG partnered with GolfTimeSA and offered their electronic booking system to us, we have never looked back since. Not only does it offer us the opportunity to manage my entire calendar months in advance, it also offers on-line booking for members, PMG and Last Minute Golf members. It also offers the opportunity to communicate effectively with all players on my time sheet, manage my membership database, offer access control and restrictions from customers as well as admin.

The system allows me to share (on-line) the fixtures with the office in order to plan other requirements directly related to my timesheet i.e. halfway house, bar etc.  In essence, due to our own tailor-made restrictions, I have full control of the timesheets even if we are on-line and live 24hours. It is really simple to operate, timeous and reliable. The added bonus, my unutilized tee times are made available on-line a week in advance to Last Minute Golf which have managed assist us getting more business during those “dead times”.

Please feel free to contact me directly for any questions or queries.


  Duard Nel | Assistant General Manager